Comprehensive Community Engagement Plan for High Desert Care Clinic,

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Project in conjunction with Brad Howe Artwork Installed at High Desert Regional Health Center, Lancaster, CA


Throughout the construction of the new Los Angeles County High Desert Regional Health Center, two artists endeavored to understand and reflect on the Antelope Valley community through an artwork that supports a healing environment while harmonizing with the building’s architecture.

One Desert Sky

Antelope Valley native and internationally renowned artist Brad Howe designed One Desert Sky. The artwork was inspired by the distinct stories of Antelope Valley community members collected through a series of artist initiated participatory activities prior to the opening of the High Desert Regional Health Center in 2014.

Produced by artist Rebecca Niederlander, the activities engaged nearly 500 Antelope Valley community members and stimulated open conversations revealing diverse cultural perceptions that influenced Howe’s artwork. The activities culminated in an artwork naming contest administered by the Lancaster Museum of Art and History from which the winning title, submitted by an Antelope Valley resident, One Desert Sky was selected by the artist from over 100 entries.

One Desert Sky converts the voices of Antelope Valley residents into icons and symbols that the viewer’s eye may string together as the pieces move and intersect with one another. Representing a collaboration on multiple levels, One Desert Sky’s 8,000 laser cut aluminum pieces were individually attached to metal rods, spray painted with automotive paint and hand assembled by a team of six in Howe’s studio. The fabrication process took over 3,600 hours. from LACAC website

Written poetry games workshop with Antelope Valley College students and staff, Lancaster, CA

Written poetry games workshop with Health Center staff, Lancaster, CA

Plaque Installed at High Desert Regional Health Center, Lancaster, CA