Meteorological Lessons for the Accumulation and Dissemination of Unpredictable Weather Patterns, 2012

This National Endowment for the Arts Community Arts Education grant sponsored project has been structured specifically to incorporate high school student participation. During my tenure in the space, I have facilitated about 300 students in the creation of over a thousand cut-paper forms. The finished Kirigami (paper snowflakes) have piled up throughout the three months within the two stories of the glass walled environ. The scraps of paper from the cuttings have populated the floor, creating a multi-colored plane that transforms the space, itself creating smaller nooks and reflective moments of a nurtured field.

The concept transforms the mission of the curated project, Nothing Comes Out of the Ground Straight, that of the unrewarding task of self-discovery and emergence,into a three dimensional sculptural project for these students to discover themselves through. Over several city wide open nights, community members also came in and cut kirigami elements. All told nearly 1,500 elements have been made.

The project has a third and still upcoming layer. This spring these paper cut forms will be collected and, with the assistance of internship-awarded students, the pieces will be assembled into three scenic designs for the April 20th, 2013 performance of the Magic Flute by the Repertory Opera Company of Pomona, under the direction of Lizbeth Lucca.

installation views

working with high school students in Pomona Unified School District

Installation of Nothing Comes Out Of The Ground Straight before begining