Memories of El Monte, 2017
Polyester resin, fiberglass, enamel paint, glass tile
72" circle

Public Artwork sited at The Olson Company Union Walk Development, El Monte, CA

Niederlander was asked by the Olson Co. to create a memorial to the most famous use of their Union Walk Housing Complex site. The site was once home to the El Monte American Legion Stadium, a birthplace for early Rock ‘n’ Roll in Southern California. Niederlander chose to interview radio DJ Art Laboe, the man responsible for much of the Stadium’s success. He was asked for his remembrances. His thoughts were then translated into a soundwave. She then sculpted the soundwave three-dimensionally, and cast it into the four elements seen at the base of the fountain. Mr. Laboe’s words hold center stage in this loose abstraction of the Stadium, while the multi-colored tiles all around the edge symbolize all the diverse races, ages and incomes who drove from all over Los Angeles to be a part of the earliest days of Rock ‘N’ Roll. The shape of the four pieces is much like the famous 45s that were played at the site and listened to by these audiences. The soundwave artwork intermingles with both water and light waves, to reinforce the notion of interconnectedness on this site through time, community and generations. Its location of the front entrance of Union Walk serves as a lighted beacon, much like Mr. Laboe was a beacon for so many. Art Laboe’s words, seen in the soundwave, are: “There was a lot of duplication of friendships and just a lot of fun on Saturday night, as we all danced and sang and had a great time. Times we will never forget, lives in the hearts and minds of the thousands that attended the El Monte Legion Stadium through the years. This is Art Laboe, and I sure hope that you all have as good a time as we had back in the day at El Monte Legion Stadium! See you there, Saturday Night!”"

Celebrating Art Laboe Day on March 10, 2018 with Mr. Laboe, City of El Monte Mayor Andre Quintero, Juventino "J" Gomez, Mayor Pro Tem, Jerry Velasco, Councilmember, Victoria Martinez, Councilmember additional officials, fans and friends from many generations.