The Devil's Workshop, 2012
paper, glue, polycarbonate
96” x 72” x 36”

In many belief systems there is a single entity, often saddled with having been disobedient to a God, that holds the forces of evil. This na’er-do-well, by virtue of their straying off the dictated chosen path, is exiled and creates their own domain with all the others who have also chosen differently. A devil is also a container for our more essential desires. Los Angeles is filled with such emigrés that left behind a life, all those that choose a different path. The Devil’s Workshop is a cut paper exploration of the communities of the different, of those we chose to exile, those we chose to embrace, and those we chose to enter into. Should you desire, please enter into the workshop. Use the scissors, take your choice of paper, and cut yourself a Kirigami paper work. Take it with you, just please leave the paper you cut on the floor. Leave that road not taken for the rest of us.

Opening reception with visitor participation