BROODWORK (a collaboration between Rebecca Niederlander and Iris Anna Regn)

BROODWORK: Mending 2, 2015

Cast Vinyl

Permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission

BROODWORK: Mending 2 is inspired by the bond between staff and visitors to honor the way they exist together as a significant and supportive Family. Family is a metaphor for an intimate group of people that are trusted and reliable who act as an intermediary between the individual and the community at large.

This site-specific vinyl wall-mounted artwork incorporates the motto of the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, Hope, Wellness and Recovery, in the 12 threshold languages that represent the clientele they serve. The intertwining of these languages suggest the layered complexity of their work- there is a special beauty in the Family they have created, one that acknowledges there is a place for everyone in this special community.